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Monday, February 6, 2012

Rest of the Story and Bedroom Beginnings

To quote Paul Harvey..."and now you know the rest of the story", or something like that.  Anyway, here is a little chair I made to finish off the menswear sofa room I shared last week.  It still needs a matching upholstered seat cushion.  I would have loved to have a made a pair of these chairs but I only had raw materials for one.  Do I dare give away the secret component I used for the bones of the chair seat???
I think I'll share that in the next post.  I'll give you a few hints. 1.  It is cardboard. 2.  It is a form of packaging. 3.  It was going to be discarded.    Now let's get some comments posted with possible guesses.

Moving on to another room...I thought I'd share a few pics of the beginnings of a beautiful bedroom.  Lots of creating left to do but I think it is off to a very tranquil beginning.  I made the lamp.  The table is a repaint.  The headboard is also an original.  I added upholstery and  trim detail.
Hope you like it.
Next time I'll be revealing how the chair was made and sharing a few other trash can bound accessory ideas.  I might also throw in a little garden project mini style.


  1. mmm inquiring minds want to know!!! I cant even begin to guess what it is! Love the look of the beginning of the bedroom! That lamp is super cute. On another note, I just love coming to your blog! You have the best music playing on here that I just want to hang out all day LOL. Aint no sunshine was just playing from a woman! Who is singing that??? I need to know!!!

    1. Thanks Chynadoll. I'll reveal the secret a bit later.
      Glad you like the music. The artist is Eva Cassidy. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago. She has some incredible music. I sometimes find myself working around the kitchen with the blog music in the background...LOL. Glad you enjoy it.

  2. Although it doesn't really matter to me, I can't want to see what makes up the chair. I just love the whole creative process! You are another inspiration for me to get going.

  3. Hi from Spain: i like your ideas and creations. I am looking forward to seeing what you do in your next post. I will be careful and I will write some of your ideas. This chair I was very elegant. Keep in touch

  4. Cant wait to see how you put all this together. Everything looks so polished.

    1. Thanks everyone. I'm glad to be an inspiration.