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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hollywood Glam

 Happy Monday everyone.  It was a beautiful weekend here, a great time to enjoy the outdoors.  It was also a great time to pull out all fabrics, wood, bangles and bobbles and craft the first  in a series of rooms  called Hollywood Glam.  I love the Regency style in life size and miniature.  

Some of you may recall another Hollywood Glam room from last year.  Perhaps the mirrored chest from that room will be appearing again in this series.

Hope you like the first room.  It is called
Hollywood and Blue
Azure sea blue, rhinestone tufts, silver cord detail and acrylic legs make up the cozy chaise lounger.
It is sized perfectly for Barbie or Blythe to curl up with her furry friend, read a book or take a nap.

A geometric twist on the parsons chair gives it a clean, modern feel.  The linen seat is a classic.

The credenza in gold is one of my favorite pieces.
It would look great in any room.

The mirrored coffee tables were brought back.  You may remember these from another room in the past.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you like the pics.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Fun With Polymer Clay

Who's ready for a Halloween party?  Looks like Sophie could not resist unrolling the mummy to get the party started.

Here's a little Halloween display I made a while ago.  The polymer clay treats look good enough to eat.  These are somehow just as gratifying to make as real treats, without the calories.

If you've never worked with sculpt and bake clay it is a fun endeavor to try on a Saturday afternoon.
There are endless tutorials on YouTube to get you started creating just about anything your dolls would enjoy.

Play around and have fun.  Sometimes little scraps of clay turn into something unexpected.  Just add a little imagination.  The bat cookies were a happy accident from some leftovers.

How to make the Lollipops:
To make the lollipops roll out two skinny snakes of clay and place them side by side.  Start coiling them together until you get a look you like.  Insert wooden sticks and pop in the oven to bake.  Once cooled glaze them for sheen or leave them unglazed for a matte finish.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Needle Felted Doll Companions

Happy Thursday.  Thought I'd share a little today about needle felting, specifically doll sized companions.
I am so often amazed at the abundance of creative artisans one can stumble across on Etsy.  I love to browse for inspiration, food for my creative soul and one of kind items.
On one of my browsing expeditions I came across  a treasure trove of adorable felted miniatures...from mice, fox, kittens, bears...on and on.
Anyway, I often use vintage cats and dogs in my doll dioramas but I thought it would be fun to personalize things a bit.

Our little Havanese is like a member of the family.  
Now she is part of Blythe and Barbie's world too. 
A big thank you to Nodsu.  Check out her shop at:
Check out my shop at:
I'd love to hear from you...leave a comment.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Chicks love Petite Princess

 Yes, I know it is not 1:6 scale but I have never been able to resist the charm of Petite Princess furniture.  Many of you probably know it was manufactured for a very short time in the 60's.  I'd have to double check but I believe it was only available for a year.  Despite it lovely detail it was considered a bit overpriced.  As a result, sales were sluggish and it was pulled from the market.

What's a chick to choose?

I started collecting a few pieces about three years ago mostly from EBay.   Aside from decking out my daughter's dollhouse with a few pieces the others have been confined to the attic abyss of Rubbermaid containers.
So Hollywood

It seemed like such a shame to not display the pieces.  So I converted a plate rack my father had constructed to a Petite Princess curio. The backs of each cubby have been lined with scrapbook paper to mimic wallpaper.  I had a little fun with a few chicks left over from my Easter decor.  Oh yeah, and who wouldn't want a T-Rex in their garden tub?  Anyway, it is a conversation piece and a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'd love to hear your Petite Princess comments.
She should be in an old movie.

I think he needs a larger towel!