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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Fun With Polymer Clay

Who's ready for a Halloween party?  Looks like Sophie could not resist unrolling the mummy to get the party started.

Here's a little Halloween display I made a while ago.  The polymer clay treats look good enough to eat.  These are somehow just as gratifying to make as real treats, without the calories.

If you've never worked with sculpt and bake clay it is a fun endeavor to try on a Saturday afternoon.
There are endless tutorials on YouTube to get you started creating just about anything your dolls would enjoy.

Play around and have fun.  Sometimes little scraps of clay turn into something unexpected.  Just add a little imagination.  The bat cookies were a happy accident from some leftovers.

How to make the Lollipops:
To make the lollipops roll out two skinny snakes of clay and place them side by side.  Start coiling them together until you get a look you like.  Insert wooden sticks and pop in the oven to bake.  Once cooled glaze them for sheen or leave them unglazed for a matte finish.
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  1. Hello from Spain: I love this scene with the preparations for Halloween. The dog is very cute. It seems real. Your Barbies are beautiful and elegant. The white central table is awesome .. You make a gorgeous job. Keep in touch

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  3. Thank you so much Marta and Chynadoll.