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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Food That Looks Good Enough to Eat

Hello again,
As I mentioned in my first post, I began experimenting with sculpt and bake clay.  The first items I made were the Halloween treats in photos from the last post.  I was in a homey mood so I made a homestyle gingerbread cake with drizzled icing and sprinkles.  Sometimes one thing does lead to another.  I had remodeled a barbie size country kitchen and thought it would be nice to incorporate some food.   It was fun and zero calories!
My daughter loved the cake so much, I had to make a second one for her.  I guess the food was the magic touch for the kitchen.  I sold it a few days later.
I was feeling so good after my first attempts at food.  I decided to check out the web for inspiration from other creative folks.  I remembered a tutorial I had seen about a year ago on miniature food making from The Garden of Imagination.  I spent the next hour watching more of her videos on YouTube.  I would recommend you check her out.   She is so patient and it is cute that her daughter is in the background talking during the videos.  I also came across an artist out of New York.  I believe her name is Ann Marie.  I'll have to check my bookmarks.  She makes some of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen.  I believe she has a store on Etsy as well.  My creative soul was definitely fed by these ladies.  Thank you all for sharing.  With that I began a new set of pastry making.  Again, what was supposed to be about an hour of messing around with clay turned into a quick clean up of the kitchen in a rush to get to school carpool on time.  That same day I received an adorable set of kitchen items I had ordered.  I decided to use a few of the pieces to setup a bakery.  I took some crude photos without the best backdrops.  So I will not be sharing those right now.  However, I wanted to share some pics of the pastries and cakes.  I hope they bring you some inspiration.  I'd love to hear from anyone who has an interest.  Best to you!!!  Have fun and be open to inspiration.  Something small might lead to something never know.
Homestyle iced cakes and pastries

More delicious looking pastries. 

1 comment:

  1. I have made food with my son's and nieces. We have a clay book on it and it's such fun. We have made cakes,bread, etc. Such fun to experiment, and it comes out very cool. Your cakes look very yummie!!