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Friday, December 30, 2011

After Christmas Markdowns

Hope everyone had a great holiday.  Sometimes it pays to take a stroll down the holiday decor markdown aisle.  The wall art birds and silver stool were found on the Christmas ornament aisle.  
The birds were formerly mini tree ornaments.  I removed the hooks and gave them another wash of gold paint. Then I applied backers so they could be wall mounted.  These would also look great in a white lacquer.
The stool was a formerly red ornament.  A little spray paint and removal of the hanging cord and voila, a perfect 1:6 scale stool.
How do  you like the fireplace?  This one was handmade from plywood.  Rocks were applied to the front.
I think some birch logs will be the perfect finishing touch.  Time to find my handsaw!
Stay tuned for more fireplaces in varying styles which will be for sale.  Email me if you have an interest.

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