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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Four hours and a couple of needle sticks later

Wow, four hours is a long time to spend creating a little chair under 6 inches tall.   Yes, four hours later and couple of needle sticks later another piece to the glam room puzzle is complete.  I don't know, is this the typical amount of time something like this takes?  The sofa seemed to go a little easier albeit about the same amount of time.
Lessons learned...
1.  Call your upholsterer and see if you can come down and observe a few large chairs being done.  You might pick up a few time saving tips.
2.  Use the curved needles.   Your fingers will thank you.
3.  Don't run out of band aids.
4.  Don't choose a slick, silky fabric.  Oops...that is exactly what I used.  There it was tempting me in the fabric store.  My head said NO but my heart said yes.  Oh well, maybe next time it will be a breeze.
Hope you like it.  Pillows, rug, lamp and accessories are next.  Stay tuned.

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