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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Cup of Tea and A Bubble Bath

Just thought I'd share a couple of little rooms I finished up yesterday.  I love the challenge of redoing an old  plastic piece of furniture.  I took the banquet and refurbished it.  I should have taken a before photo.  This was formerly a plastic love seat with arms.  I removed the arms which proved to be difficult because apparently someone superglued them on at some point.   This was an item I found on EBay.
Anyway, arms were removed and the connectors were removed with pliers.  Batting and fabric were applied.  I added a bottom to increase the height and added a backer board to allow for a more life like upholstery of the back.  This took about an hour.  Since I love Anthropologie, although I wish their prices were a quite a bit lower, I applied a fabric that reminded me of some of their home goods.  I think it is a nice vintage look.
Some of the other pieces in the room are made of recycled home items which have been paired with wooden objects.  That is all I am going to say about that.  I'll let you imagine what they are.
The second little room is a cottage bath, again made of refurbished plastic pieces.  I have had the sink for several months. It has been sitting in the laundry room with a primer coat just begging to be completed.  It originally had an attached mirror.  I played with it for a while but ultimately chose to remove it.
Hope you like the items.  I couldn't resist throwing in a shot with the poodle!

With Christmas coming up, I decided to list these on EBay.  Check them out.  You can search them under OOAK Barbie furniture.  I am ODesign on EBay.

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