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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

Lately I've been obsessed with geometrics and regency style.  Actually, I've always been a fan.  It just seems that is a constant style "fav" for me.  I've also been dying to do a little bedroom with an upholstered headboard.  A while back I made a template and cut out some forms.  Then those ideas got a little bit lost in the Christmas eggnog.
But every time I would walk into the workroom (a.k.a. laundry room) I would see headboard forms. They kept calling out...finish me.  So finally, the time came to do just that.
I decided to use a soft, neutral diamond print for the headboard.  I used the same fabric to upholster the bed's platform.  Then came the hard part, choosing the color pops for the room.  At first I thought purple.  After messing around with some swatches I tossed that idea aside.  I decided to go with orange.  The purple somehow had a more romantic feel than I was intending.  (Stay tuned for a more romantic purple bedroom with a larger size bed.)  This room is for the doll with an energetic, edgy confidence.
As for the other components of the room, I had finished a little glam style chest/nightstand a few days ago.  It's geometric design on the faux drawers complemented the textiles.  Yay!!!
The little Chair in the corner is a Gloria chair with new upholstery.  It is probably going to get a different paint job.  I don't really like the matte of the white factory finish.  For now, it is going to live in the room for a bit as is.
So here we have the modern orange bedroom.

Time for Veronica to enjoy her chocolate cup of orange sorbet and say goodnight.


  1. It looks pretty. I love the chair with matching stool...nice color.

  2. Hi from Spain, Your new room is wonderful. Veronica Will be very happy in her new bed. Congratulations and I will try to copy that room althouh IT Will be dificult for me. Your Job is fantastic. Keep in touch

  3. I have see quite a few doll rooms but i think yours is the best..the way you used the colors it looks it!

  4. I love it! Your color choices just make the room pop! Great job!