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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stairway to Heaven

I'm not sure if Muffy is a fan of Led Zeppelin, but her own little stairway to heaven got a little closer to completion today.  Dex added a textured wall finish in beach sand to the stair wall.  He also completed the custom banister.  I mentioned to Dex that I had never constructed a banister.   He was all for having a helper.  In fact, he gave me the challenge of figuring it out on my own.  I must say the finished product looks a great deal simpler than the trial and error I went through constructing it.  Muffy saw this design in the latest issue of Big Idea Decor on a Small Scale and simply had to have it.  The silver finish is a nice touch.  
The black lattice sconce arrived from Shine, an online lighting boutique.  It is a one of a kind.
Maybe that seamstress can get those drapes hemmed and hung soon.  After that it is time to explore furnishings and most importantly have a housewarming party.


  1. What a great staircase! I love the lattice look and the way the green makes it pop. I think it coming along pretty good.

    1. Thanks Brini. Hopefully there will be more to show next week. Gald you like how it is coming together. A little progress has been made on the drapes.

  2. Hello from Spain, i look forward housewarnring party. The sataircase and the lamp on the wall it was very goog. Keep in touch